Gérante de territoire

Over 10 years of knowledge and experience as a territory manager in the Trucking and Automotive

after Market industry.


Appreciated for my dynamism (energy), presentation and demonstration skills delivered in a clear   understandable way, whether it is for a French or English speaking audience.

My philosophy as always been to think of the customer first. Always asking myself what can I do to meet there needs, improve their skills and knowledge. In other words improve there day to day job.


Successful at building strong relations, enthusiastic person who thrives on challenges and performing

 the job with integrity and professionalism.


Curious by nature, I am always eager to learn about new products and technologies related to the ever

exciting and constantly evolving trucking industry.


Rene is a proud dad of 3 great kids ( 2 boys and 1 girl ) . Likes to travel with my wife to discover to cultures, languages and good food. Passionate for manual work like woodworking and all kinds of house remodeling projects.

Photo Rene Levasseur.jpg